My name is Ted and I love arranging fun outings in Denver for pairs of kindhearted folks who’ll hit it off as friends, discover something to collaborate on, find a romantic spark, or figure out a way to help one another with their respective careers or businesses.

It’s a hobby I inherited from my mom.

Frequently asked questions.

How does it work?

Basically, when someone new is sent my way, I make arrangements to meet them for coffee and a gab. After that I usually have learned enough about them to know who I should pair them up with and what kind of outing they’d enjoy.

Are you planning on doing this in cities other than Denver?

Yes. We’re getting our feet wet in Vancouver, Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, New York, London, and Melbourne. But don’t hesitate to contact me, no matter where you live. If you live in a city we haven’t started in yet, your interest may just be the spark we need!

Could you give me a couple of examples of the kind of outings you arrange for folks?

Sure! Here are two:

Not too long ago, I arranged for Suzanne Mozes and Susan Ash-Lee to explore the paintings, ceramics, and cuisine of Denver’s River North Art District.

And, a few years back, I sent two moms — Jenna Shapiro and Celine Vernon — on a picnic in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. They really hit it off, as did their toddlers, Luco and Sila. That’s the kiddos smooching after the picnic in the top photo. Below that is a more recent Instagram video of the two giving their sassy one-star review of a museum they’re visiting.

Where can I read a bit about you?

Right on this page.

Are these outings free?


I’ll still need to pay for the stuff during the outing though, yes?

Yes. If I arrange for you to go to a Denver Nuggets game, for example, you and the person I’ve paired you up with would just reimburse me for your tickets and buy yourselves hot dogs and beers (and m&m’s and nachos and twizzlers and s’mores and giant pretzels).

How do you find all these kindhearted people?

I ask the kindhearted folks I’ve met to send me more!

I’m in! What’s next?

Shoot me a note at and we’ll set up a time to gab over coffee somewhere in town. That’ll help me learn what floats your boat and figure who I want to send you on an outing with.

I’d love to meet a potential “significant other.” Can you secretly arrange for me to meet someone who might fit that bill but call it a friendship outing?

Let me know that you’re interested in finding romance. I’ll keep that in the back of my mind when I’m figuring out who to send you on an outing with.

How do you squeeze outings into people’s busy schedules?

One of the important criteria in matching people up is finding folks who have at least one shared, regular open gap in their calendars, so, if they hit it off, they know it won’t be hard to meet up again.

Do you have a long-term goal for the project?

I think cities would be better places to live in if the most kindhearted folks among the population were all connected.

What if the only truly open gaps in my schedule for going on an outing are at really odd times, like after 9pm or before 6:30am?

You’d probably be surprised by the percentage of people whose truly open gaps are at really odd times. I schedule outings to accomodate folks like you. Table tennis match at midnight? It’s happened. Worry not.

How do you make a living?

There’s some info here.

Why is this called sugarmapley?

I know. The name is a bit ridiculous. The short version: it’s a word I made up when I was a kid and it has heartwarming associations for me. The long version: you’ll have to ask me when we talk.

Who did the illustration at the top of the page?

Loren Klein, Elena Genova, and I collaborated on the ‘S’ logo. The scratchboard background of trees and leaves is part of a larger illustration I commissioned from Howell Golson. If you click or tap on the image below, you can see all its glorious details.

Again, how do I reach you?

Shoot me a note at I’m looking forward to meeting you!